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Why Do Rice Processing Enterprises Need Color Sorters?

For rice processing enterprises, compared with handpicking, color sorters not only save labor and time, provide high efficiency and lower processing cost, and improve the quality, economic benefits and social benefits of products sorted, but also help enterprises build an image of high quality and create their own brands. Also, it is a must for enterprises to introduce high-quality color sorters in order to avoid being eliminated in the international competition.

Although China had a late start in developing color sorters (1990s), the development was quite rapid. As alternatives to imported products (due to the advantage in price etc.), domestic products have more than 70% share in the domestic market so far. Among them, the sales volume of rice color sorters occupied more than half (approx. 70%) of the domestic market. Therefore, in the future, the space for being alternatives to imported products is relatively small for domestic enterprises and the demands on rice color sorters present a stable and large-scale trend.

From the domestic perspective, substantially all the rice consumed by urban citizens has been detected by color sorters, and most of the rice consumed by rural citizens has also been detected by color sorters. According to the measurement and calculation of relevant research institutions, approximately 70% of the rice produced in China has been detected by color sorters.

In recent years, a relatively rapid year-on-year growth of domestic rice production volume has been maintained, basically around 20-40%. In consideration of the sorting speed improvement due to the technical progress in color sorters, and the efficiency improvement due to the increase of channel quantity in one single machine and other factors, in the next few years, the increasing speed of demands in the industry will remain at about 10-15% (standard sets). In addition, the improvement of color sorting percentage (3%-5%/year) in the next two years will also promote the demands on rice color sorters.