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Can a Rice Color Sorter Be Used to Sort Millet?

Millet may be easily influenced by various factors in storage, resulting in excessive moisture, deterioration and moldiness. Moldy millet is inedible. The quality of millet is the first priority for the market share, so 90% of millet processing manufacturers in China use rice color sorters, while only a few manufacturers doubt whether rice color sorters are applicable to millet. The answer is yes!

Processing techniques of rice color sorters:

To use a color sorter to sort millet, we shall first learn about the processing techniques of millet, which are generally: milling - polishing - fanning - gravity stoner (grading sieve machine which sieves millet of different sizes) - color sorting - packaging. It can be seen that before packaging, the color sorter is applied mainly to improve the quality of millet, which cannot be sold without color sorting, so the color sorter plays an important role in the processing of millet.

Working principle of rice color sorters:

Rice color sorters mainly sort millet based on the differences in color and the optical properties to keep the golden high-quality millet, remove dark, grey, green and white millet, gravels and particles of different colors.

Working process of rice color sorters:

The materials (millet) to be sorted enter the color sorter from the hopper at the top. With the vibration of the vibrator, the materials (millet) to be sorted slip along the channel into the observation area of the sorting chamber and go through the space between the sensor and the background plate. Under a light source, and based on the light intensity and color change, the system generates an output signal to drive the magnetic valve to work and blow particles of different colors into the waste chamber of the bottom hopper, and good materials fall into the finished product chamber of the bottom hopper for the purpose of sorting.

There is no doubt that rice color sorters can be used to sort millet and substantially all the other products with color differences. Thus, rice color sorters are applicable to the color sorting of rice, parched rice, millet, black rice, red rice, parboiled rice, rice with embryo, brown rice, saponin rice, violet rice, black millet, parched millet, sticky rice, white-belly rice, Thai jasmine rice, synthetic rice, oil sticky rice, unhusked rice, and also cereals. It serves quite a lot of purposes.